On the Importance of Women

On the Importance of Women

Today is International Women's day...and I would like to share some thoughts on a very broad, very large topic that has become the crux of what we do here at Hespera:

The empowerment of women.

Not long ago, after one of our necklaces appeared on TV, a friend noted "Wow, I love that your pieces are worn by HBICs."  I didn't know what I meant at the time, being 30 and not exactly up with all the latest lingo, so I looked it up - it means Head B*tch in Charge - and it has become a moniker used by women who are taking back status and power for themselves as they engage in a predominantly male driven world.

That is freaking amazing.

I took a second and thought about the fact that we HAD become known for signifying truly powerful ladies - whether it is Elin Nordegren on the cover of people Magazine, Viola Davis in How To Get Away With Murder, Lena Headey in Game of Thrones, and most recently on the Witch of the West in the new show Emerald City...all of these women, despite the odds, have stood up for themselves and spoken their truths loudly and proudly.  

We at Hespera couldn't be happier.

I was raised by a brilliant, funny, sophisticated women who was the equal and partner to my father - and she raised her children to view gender in exactly that way.  My brothers' wives are incredible women who are held as truly equal partners, and my sister (a badass mom in her own right) shares the same experience.  Yes, women are different than men, and as men we SHOULD protect them, get the door, engage with them in a chivalrous manner...but the equality that is so deeply needed in our society is not an equality of physicality, or a neutering of who each individual is or how they identify themselves with regards to gender.  It is an equality of respect.  That is why the wage gap is truly such a massive deal.  It signifies an inherent lack of respect for the work done by women, even if that work exceeds the depth and quality of that of a man.

I have learned, as a white man living in America, that it is my job to take my privilege (which is truly boundless) and use it to support all those who were not fortunate enough to be born at the top of the societal food chain, include women.  Hespera has become a brand that is all about the empowerment of the individual, and that certainly includes the empowering of our female clients and friends.  To say that women need to be treated in our society with greater respect and with an eye toward their empowerment is an understatement.

And so, in honor of International Women's Day, we at Hespera reaffirm our pledge to always give any of our female team members equal pay for equal work, support female entrepreneur's wherever we can, support the family needs of working moms, and most importantly - continue to not just make badass jewelry for badass women, but help every one of our clients find the HBIC in her (and him) self.

Thanks to all of the incredible women who have made Hespera what it is to day.  We could not be more grateful or more proud, and we honor you today.

With Love, Eric

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