Step into the bold and playful world of Eric's Cluster F*ck Collection, where edgy and elegant design converge. Inspired by the timeless influence of Native American artists, these pieces showcase a unique blend of modern aesthetics and nostalgic charm. Each piece features carefully arranged stones in a tight cluster, creating a dynamic and striking effect. Whether you're looking to add a touch of tribal-inspired flair to your look or simply elevate your personal style, Eric's Cluster Fu*ck Collection has you covered.
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    Eric's Bumble Bee Cluster F*ck Cuffs
    from $485.00
    Eric's Bumble Bee Crawling F*cks
    from $245.00
    Eric's Last F*ck Cluster Rings
    from $245.00
    Eric's Pink Spiny Oyster Crawling F*cks
    from $230.00
    Eric's Seraphinite Clusterf*cks
    Eric's Turquoise Flower Cluster F*ck Rings
    Eric's Turquoise Flower Clusterf*ck Pendants
    from $435.00
    Spiny Oyster Turquoise 3 Stone Linear Earrings
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