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    Ignacio "Nacho" Gomez is a highly acclaimed designer and silversmith, earning multiple awards for his exceptional craftsmanship in both silver jewelry and silver sculpture. Renowned for his distinctive "animal" bracelets, necklaces, and pins, Nacho's creations are revered for their artistic expression and ingenious construction, all meticulously crafted using the repousse technique. Born into a lineage of silver artisans, Nacho is the son of Don Filiberto Gomez, a prominent silversmith who had worked alongside Antonio Pineda. Under his father's tutelage, Nacho mastered the art of working with silver, further honing his skills through apprenticeships in various workshops throughout Taxco. Eventually, he established his own workshop in Taxco, showcasing his remarkable talent and carrying on the legacy of his family's craftsmanship.

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    Nacho Gomez - Sterling Petal Set
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    Nacho Gomez - Mini Oval Hoops
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    Nacho Gomez - Funky Hoops
    Nacho Gomez - Horse Studs
    Nacho Gomez - Two Row Killer Necklace with Matching Earrings
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    Nacho Gomez - Hammered Bangle
    Nacho Gomez - Medium Hoops
    Nacho Gomez - Angry Owl Pendant
    Nacho Gomez - Sterling Silver Bangles
    Nacho Gomez - Beaded Cuff
    Nacho Gomez - Lovebird & Heart Earrings
    Nacho Gomez - Grill Cuff
    Nacho Gomez - Pile of Bangles
    Nacho Gomez - Mediterranean Coral Cuff
    Nacho Gomez - Crazy Filigree Cuff
    Nacho Gomez - All Silver Cuff
    Nacho Gomez - 3 Row Beaded Cuff
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    Nacho Gomez - Braid Bracelet
    Nacho Gomez - Love Knot Hinged Bracelet
    Nacho Gomez - Giant Cuff
    Nacho Gomez - Coral Crab Pin
    Nacho Gomez - Rocker Bracelet
    Nacho Gomez - Fish Cuff
    Nacho Gomez - Mexican Malachite Frog Bracelet
    Nacho Gomez - Circles Cuff
    Nacho Gomez - Rockstar Cuff
    Nacho Gomez - Mexican Malachite Frog Necklace
    Nacho Gomez - Lovebird & Flower Giant Pendant Necklace
    Nacho Gomez - Lovebird Mega Necklace
    Nacho Gomez - Pegasus Necklace
    Nacho Gomez - Snake Skin Necklace
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