Hespera "Make a Statement" Alphabet Charms

Hespera "Make a Statement" Alphabet Charms

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These Alphabet Charms are GORGEOUS - I designed them in an awesome 1920s Art Deco style so they are totally unique - charms like these haven't been seen probably in about 100 years so we are totally taking something forgotten and making it new again, which we LOVE!

Snag a set for your initials, your kids or loved ones initials, spell out your favorite words or mantras like "LOVE", "PEACE", "GRACE", or my favorite word...FUUUUUCK!  LOL. And yes, I am going to use that many "U"s.

They are 18mm which is about the size of a NICKLE and each charm comes with a self latching enhancer, so you can clip it onto any chain or even onto your favorite mala!  You can also take the enhancer off and slide the charm onto any of your favorite hugger earrings!


13MM X 18MM

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