Ruby Coriz Inlay Feather Earrings

Ruby Coriz Inlay Feather Earrings

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  • Sterling Silver Hardware (fishhook)
  • Gemstone Inlay
  • 3inch drop

**Bio: Rudy Coriz - Master Jewelry Artist**

Rudy Coriz is a distinguished Native American jewelry artist, revered for his masterful craftsmanship and deep connection to his cultural heritage. Hailing from the Kewa Pueblo (formerly known as Santo Domingo Pueblo) in New Mexico, Coriz has dedicated his life to the art of jewelry making, a tradition that has been passed down through generations in his family.

Growing up in a family of talented artisans, Rudy was immersed in the world of jewelry from a young age. His parents and grandparents were influential in teaching him the traditional techniques and designs characteristic of Kewa Pueblo jewelry. Over the years, Rudy has honed his skills, blending these time-honored methods with his own innovative touches, creating pieces that are both contemporary and timeless.

Coriz is particularly renowned for his work with natural materials such as turquoise, shell, and jet, often incorporating these elements into intricate mosaic inlays and striking beadwork. His pieces are celebrated for their vibrant colors, meticulous detail, and the cultural stories they convey.

Throughout his career, Rudy Coriz has earned numerous accolades and his work has been showcased in galleries and exhibitions across the United States. Collectors and enthusiasts alike seek out his jewelry for its authenticity, exceptional quality, and the rich heritage it represents.

Beyond his artistic achievements, Rudy is committed to preserving and promoting Native American jewelry-making traditions. He regularly teaches workshops and mentors young artists, ensuring that these invaluable skills and cultural expressions continue to thrive.

Rudy Coriz's jewelry is more than adornment; it is a reflection of his identity, heritage, and the enduring beauty of Native American artistry. Each piece he creates is a testament to his dedication, skill, and the timeless allure of Kewa Pueblo craftsmanship.

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